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Talk Synopses
(in brackets is the date the talk was given to the group)

Each entry gives the notes taken during the talk which were used to produce the final report in the appropriate edition of the Briefing. Many contain additional content, although they are not as "polished" as the final text in the Briefing.

Running my Own Railway
John Jolly - Mangapps Railway (14/3/2014)

Restoration of GWR 2-8-0 No 4253
Charlie Masterson & Brian Atkins (14/2/2014)

Heritage Steam Trains Underground
Andy Barr MBE (11/11/2013)

Restoration of SR No 925 Cheltenham
Chris Smith (14 October 2013)

A Personal View of 4472
Roland Kennington (9/9/2013)

Bridging the Gap
Mark Yonge - Rother Valley Railway (11/2/2013)

On and Off the Tracks
Bill Davies (10/9/2012)

Living North Eastern
David Thomas (16/4/2012)

The Waterman Railway Heritage Trust
Pete Waterman (12/3/2012)

150 Years of London Underground
Oliver Green (13/2/2012)

An Evening with ..
Sir William McAlpine (10/10/2011)

The Job of the Curator
Antony Coulls (12/9/2011)

Locomotive Performance and Load Book
Mark Notley (14/3/2011)

Camden's Railway Heritage
Peter Daley (14/2/2011)

Monster Moves
Andrew Goodman (8/11/2010)

The Wandering Tornado
Roger Dye and Roger Aves (11/10/2010)

The Future Direction of the NRM
Steve Davies (6/9/2010)

The History of the Travelling Post Offices
Brian White (8/3/2010)

China Steam's Last Fling
Klaus Marx (8/2/2010)

Moved By Steam
Richard Inwood and Mike Smith (9/11/2009

Great Northern Subruban Electrification and Signalling
Paul Hepworth (12/10/2009)

The Great Hall Re-display
Belinda Morris (14/9/2009)

All Gas and Flared Trousers
Mark Evans (20/4/2009)

The Railways of Switzerland
George Howe (9/3/2009)

Railways at War
Shaun Houldridge, NRM (10/11/2008)

The Wensleydale Railway - Rebirth of a Rural Railway
David Gibson, Wensleydale Railway Association (13/10/2008)

Rails to Metro-land
Clive Foxell (8/9/2008)

Be Safe Men ! Making Railway Workers Safe 1900 - 1939
Mike Esbester, Reading University (14/4/2008)

The Romance of Steam on the London, Chatham & Dover Railway
Alan Postlethwaite (11/2/2008)

NRM - Building our Future from the Past
Andrew Scott
Head of NRM (12/11/2007)

The Little Engines that went to Sleep
Mr John Tidmarsh
Sutton Coldfield Miniature Railway (8/10/2007)

The Preservation of Electric Traction
Peter Stavely, Chairman Southern Electric Group (10/9/2007)

A Film Evening
Frank Banfield (12/3/2007)

The NRM Search Engine Project
Richard Taylor
NRM Collections Access Manager (12/2/207)

Romance and Railways
Dr Jill Murdoch
Institute of Rialway Studies & Transport History (13/11/2006)

The Life of a Railway Journalist
Philip Marsh
Railway Magazine (9/10/2006)

Signalling on the Great Cockcrow Railway
Tony Howker (10/4/2006)

European Railways
Alan Walters (13/3/2006)

The Kent and East Sussex Railway
Donald Wilson (14/11/2005)

The Work of the NRM Engineering Department
Jim Rees, NRM Rail Vehicle Collections Manager (10/10/2005)

The Work of the Railway Mission since 1881
Ian Markey(2/9/2005)

The Railway Heritage Committee
Mr. T. Neil Butters, Strategic Rail Authority (11/4/2005)

The NRM Knowledge & Collections Department
Helen Ashby,
National Railway Museum (14/3/2005)

The LCGB Ken Nunn Picture Collection
Charles Firminger Charles Firminger (14/2/2005)

Ideals Above One's Station-Form Beyond Function
Mark Evans

International experience with High Speed Trains
Professor R A Smith, FREng, SD,
Head of Mechanical Engineering Imperial College (8/3/2004)

The Restoration of SR No.850, Lord Nelson
Neil Kearns, Eastleigh Railway Preservation Society (9/2/2004)

The Deltic locomotives in service on the ECML
Ray Ekins, Deltic Preservation Society (10/11/2003)

Computer Interactives and Train Simulators at the NRM
Robin Gray, NRM (8/9/2003)

Operating or Wrecking the National Collection
Richard Gibbon, NRM (12/5/2003)

Lynton & Barnstaple Railway
by Paul Gower (10/3/2003)

The Pendon Museum
by Ken Surman (9/9/2002)

The Oxford to Cambridge Line - Then and Now
by Richard Crane (13/5/2002)

The Work of the Sir Nigel Gresley Locomotive Preservation Trust
by Keith and Joan Jackson (11/3/2002)

The Work of the GWR Preservation Society
by R. A. Gorridge, Chairman GWR Preservation Group (12/11/2001)

Out of the Black Hole
by David Wright, Curator - collections at the NRM (10/9/2001)

Dairy of a Trainspotter
Michael G Harvey (14/5/2001)

The Engineering and History of Robert Stephenson's Rocket
by Michael Bailey and John P Glithero (12/3/2001)

Virtual Reality at the NRM
by Robin Gray (13/11/2000)

Leighton Buzzard Light Railway and the restoration of the Protected Simplex locomotive
by Tony Tomkins and Chris Grimes, LBNGR (11/9/2000)

By Rail to Southgate Cemetery
by Martin Dawes (8/5/2000)

Aspects of the Great Western
by Peter Lugg (13/3/2000)

The National Collection of Railway Posters
by Beverley Cole (15/11/1999)

A Shedmaster's Life at Stewarts Lane
by Richard Hardy (13/9/1999)

The Railways of Sri Lanka
by George Rutter (17/5/1999)

An Evening with Ron White of Colour-Rail

A Railwayman Remembers
by Richard Hardy (16/11/1998)

London's Victorian Railways
by Mr R Brasier, London Transport Museum (21/9/1998)

After the Last Train has Gone
by Greg Beecroft, British Rail Property Board (16/3/1998)

The Midland and South Western Junction Railway
by Alan Gosling, FNRM SoE Group (18/5/1998)

The Glasgow Area in the Post-war Years
Hugh Gould (17/11/1997)

The Photographic collection of the National Railway Museum
Ed Bartholemew, Curator of Photographic Collection at the NRM (15/9/1997)

16mm film presentation
Alan Willmot (12/5/1997)

"Degrees of Indifference" Why Historians Should Care About Railways
Prof Colin Divall (18/11/1996)

Alan Pegler Reminisces
Alan Pegler (23/9/1996)

Midland Railway Trust
Peter Featherstone (18/3/1996)

Clan Line - A New Era Begins
Douglas Padgham (13/11/1995)

Venice-Simplon Orient Express
Bob Barnes (27/3/1995)

The Future of the NRM
Andrew Scott (18/10/1995)