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3 January 2006

The Glasgow Area in the Post-war Years
17 Nov 1997
Hugh Gould

Hugh Gould ended his career as South Wales manager for BR and is a long standing member of the Friends. He painted a word picture of Glasgow, his home town, illustrated by his own photographs from the 1950s.

His early railway memories were of commuting to school between Jordanhill and Charing Cross (Glasgow). This could be hauled by anything since Eastfield sheds used it for testing. Hugh distinctly remembers B1 1264 in ex-works condition being used on two consecutive days.

While at university, he spent summer vacations working on the railway. His first summer was spent at Drumchapel, his second at Glasgow Green where he worked the signal box and remembers having to remove the old bedsteads dumped on the track over night before the first train came through. In the two summers from 1954 he worked as a guard and had opportunity to learn many of the roads. On one occasion he recalled running into an East-Coast character at Edinburgh when he was sitting in the rear vestibule of a Pullman. He got thrown out, but got even when he returned later as an inspector. Queen Street was also full of characters and provided an ideal opportunity to learn how to run a railway.

In 1956 he finished his degree and went for selection as a traffic apprentice, but he put this off when he was offered a job as a Queen Street guard. But finally he started as an apprentice at Bishopbriggs. This is where his slide tour finished and the rest of his railway career in management began.

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