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Hayward Collection of Railway History Resources at the The National Archives, Kew
  Members of our Group are working with others at The National Archives (TNA), Kew to catalogue the unique and extensive collection of railway documents, artefacts and photographs, postcards and other illustrations compiled by W.E. Hayward, a rich resource of value to researchers, enthusiasts and, indeed, anyone with an interest in the history of railways.

The core of the Collection comprises 420 ring binders full of booklets, magazine extracts and cuttings, postcards, photographs, illustrations, timetables, tickets, letters, and a sometimes astonishing variety of small objects from, or about, railways.

The binders are arranged in a sequence: first come the forerunners of railways, miniature railways and minor railways of England; then comes a section on general railway technology, followed by industrial railways, foreign railways and locomotive builders; after that come the major railways of England, joint lines of England, Scottish railways, Irish railways, Welsh narrow gauge, Welsh standard gauge, underground railways, military railways, cliff railways and then the four grouped railways, 1923 to 1948 and finally the nationalised British Railways (to the mid-1960s). At the end are five binders documenting the collection itself and its contents..

Our task involves listing and describing the contents at individual item level to identify exactly what is there, and marking up each item with a reference locating its position within its binder. The catalogue records created are being loaded into The National Archives catalogue, Discovery, so that they can be searched online.

To search Discovery click on this link , then enter the topic you are interested in, type ZSPC 11 (the TNA code for the Hayward Collection) in the first reference box and press 'Search'.

For more information on this project, please contact Mel Draper at outreach@nrmfriends-south.org.uk