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Diary Event for Saturday, 01 June 2019

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Outreach - Train
Date : Saturday, 01 June 2019 at 00:00:00
Subject : London - Salisbury and back - Day Trip hauled by Flying Scotsman
  This Steam Dreams day trip, leaving London Victoria at 08.45 and returning there at 21.45, is scheduled to be hauled by Flying Scotsman. Our Group is planning to have a sales and promotion stand at Salisbury station during the afternoon turn-round.

Wanted ONE or TWO people to board the train at Victoria and hand out leaflets, ONE or TWO volunteers to board the train at Salisbury and hand out leaflets. Wanted a total of FIVE volunteers at Salisbury to staff the pop-up shop (11:45 to 18:45)
(1) Volunteers can travel on the train but no seats, food or drink are guaranteed.
(2)Volunteers on the train are expected to help on the pop-up shop at Salisbury
(3) Volunteers may find it more comfortable to return to London on a service train from Salisbury
Contact : trains@nrmfriends-south.org.uk